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 NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life

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NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life Empty
PostSubject: NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life   NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 4:37 pm

Hi guys!

So this has me ridiculously excited:

Quote :
  1. AI editors and monster creators
  2. Dungeon mastering tools, like scenario layout and story arcs.
  3. An interaction system allowing you to hook up behaviors and physics on the creations you've made.
  4. PvP rules creation systems
  5. And a lot more

That said, I think it's never too early to start planning so that when we do get this functionality, all we have to do is take our notes and put 'em in Landmark. I know we can't copy and paste (or can we?) dialog text from an editor into the AI UI, but creating the dialog trees and personality ideas and such is most of the work. The rest is just clerical data entry. I know that since I have more free time when I can't be online than when I can, I'll be doing a lot of my planning at work so I can maximize my online time.

So what sort of characters do we want to populate our claims and city to bring it to life? And what sort of quests, stories, etc do we want? I've said before, I'll be happy to run around programming AI and NPCs and stuff and doing all the data entry work. I think I'll certainly be better at that than building. Smile

Anyway, I thought I'd start this topic for the brainstorming. I had an idea that maybe a storyline involving the Cult of Omeed might be fun.

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NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life Empty
PostSubject: Re: NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life   NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life EmptyTue Apr 15, 2014 12:53 am

I would love to see NPCs that have great dialog trees. For me, I like to get lost in conversation with an NPC and see them have opinions and views of the world around them and the people they live with. I don't want simple one phrase npcs, but instead have them want to talk a lot about a lot of topics. I they allow for that, because I would love to write for them.
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NPCs - Bringing Leyspring to life
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