Leyspring is a group of Landmark players dedicated to Innovation. We are united in our efforts to push the limits of construction and entertainment for all players.
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PostSubject: Entertainment   Entertainment EmptyTue Mar 18, 2014 7:56 pm

In-game entertainment is something I've always loved and had a passion for. However, this kind of stuff usually fails because of the lack of tools that are published in games. Players should be given the tools in order to make something like this successful. My list of ideas includes:
Musical instruments that play sounds based on the players keyboard selection.
Many different types of musical instruments be offered in game in order to create an entire orchestra if desired.
Vocal involvement as well, this could be fun with the built-in SOEmote function that will be provided to us!
Quests we can create in order to make holiday events more exciting, with prizes, etc.
Mini-games that can include the following:

  • Card games

  • Drinking games in pubs

  • PvP games such as Warplots from Wildstar. Being able to let us create MOBA battlegrounds also seems fun.

Please feel free to add in your suggestions and I will update the thread as needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Entertainment   Entertainment EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 8:41 pm

Had an Idea regarding this today. It stemmed from a conversation a few of us were having regarding what happens when you max out a slot of harvesting (like dirt). The materials just sit there on the ground. waiting for you to clear room and come back.

Depending on how long those materials persist we could have someone intentionally fill up, then run a cross country winding trail/obstacle course(while mining chunks) through/over/under/around our claims to leave a trail of 'breadcrumbs' that we could then let players use as a cross country race for prizes of matierials/items/props.

The track would be different every time, going off the path hoping for a shortcut could prove to be high risk/reward, and it would funnel people through the city and outlying claims to show off the work everyone has been doing.

Waddya think?
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