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 Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep

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PostSubject: Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep   Fri May 09, 2014 3:12 am

The Noble Sir Kane was despised by the land, known to be a greedy sloth of a man, he hoarded his wealth at the expense of his people, taxing them to the brink of starvation.  Living in his keep, he kept to himself mostly out the contempt everyone held for him and his greed. Then one day, a team of builders arrived at the keep and the sounds of chisels and hammers could be heard in the nearby vale, the stone quarries fired up at maximum output to provide a supply of stone for whose purpose was anyone’s guess.  At first people assumed that the keep was being expanded by the lord’s lavish desires but as the months drew by and not an outward sign of building was seen, rumors began to fly as to what the builders were accomplishing.  Months turned to years and the quarries still carried the ring of blood, sweat, and tears as the stones poured forth and then suddenly, as quickly as the builders had arrived onsite, the quarries fell silent but alas, none of the builders were seen again entering or leaving the keep.  The keep fell silent too, all but the fires that could be seen from the windows at night lighting the interior of the keep.  Rumors of the Lord’s demise began to spread but none dared the wrath of Sir Kane so none dared approach the keep to investigate.  Then a rumor popped up that it could only be that Sir Kane hired the builders to dig underground, an ornate labyrinth to hide and protect his vast wealth.  Soon, a few bold adventures decided to sneak into the Castle to explore and attempt to recover the keeps wealth and riches but alas, where never heard from again.  Will there be any daring enough to adventure forth and solve the mystery of Sir Kane’s Keep.

To Be Continued:  

A Leyspring Cavern Crawler Dungeon Crawl Adventure Event, more details and times to be announced soon.  

Adventure-Levee;  1 Claim Castle Claim Site, NW of Spire.

Feel Free to Message/Mail Guroff, the Event Coordinator for more details on this upcoming event.
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PostSubject: Re: Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep   Tue May 13, 2014 12:31 pm

As the years passed by and the list of the missing who attempted to explore the mysteries of the keep grew, the legend grew that Sir Kane’s Keep was haunted. This story grew to such a height that all the children from the neighboring lands had heard of the haunted keep. Years went by and the mysterious lights of the keep continued to shine, even though no one was ever seen exiting the keeps grounds. Then suddenly, a foreigner arrived in the land claiming to be the nephew of Sir Kane. He arrived with his servants and staff and proceeded to set up in the keep as residence, with no one from the town trying to prevent this due to the keep’s haunted nature. Shortly afterwards, Sir Kane’s supposed nephew posted flyers in the town announcing a public dinner engagement for all in the nearby land, stating he was opening up the keep for any who wanted to come, and that he was also opening up his Uncle’s underground Labyrinth for all those daring enough to venture forth. Sir Kane’s Nephew stated he too had heard of his Uncle’s vast fortune but alas Sir Kane’s Nephews fortune was dwindling and in an effort to raise funds to maintain the keep, he was hosting this event to all those seeking fame and fortune. For a mere pittance entry fee, brave adventurers could set forth into the dungeon keeping whatever treasure they could find.

Will you be brave enough to enter Sir Kane’s Dungeon, will be you lucky enough to make it out alive? Will you claim you fortune and fame during Leyspring’s Cavern Crawlers Premier Event?

Details of the Event: Friday May 23, Adventure Server, Levee Island, NW of Spire

The Mystery of Sir Kane’s Keep is a Leyspring Cavern Crawler Event, its purpose is to provide a hosted event for fun and entertainment for the Landmark Community.

Event Registration begins at 7:30PM Mountain Standard Time

Timed Run/Treasure Hunt to begin at 8:00 PM MST

Fun Run to begin at approximately 8:30 PM MST

The event will involve 3 types of Mini Games:

Treasure Hunt: (Registration open at 7:30 PM MST, Event starting at 8PM MST) Players wishing to search the dungeon in hunt of treasures can pay an entrance fee of 250 rubies for the opportunity to search the dungeon for whatever treasures they can find, free to take any or all of the said riches for their own personal gain.

Hidden in the dungeon is a series of Simple Large Chests containing a guarantee of the following: More loot may be added to the dungeon prior to the start of the event at the event coordinators discretion.

Silver Ingot
Gold Ingot
Etherium Ore

Time Run: (Registration open at 7:30 PM MST, Event starting at 8PM MST) Players wishing to see if they can be the first to complete the Maze can pay an entrance fee of 250 Rubies for the opportunity to search the dungeon for an ornate small chest hidden somewhere in the dungeon, claim one of the item in the chest and then proceed to find the exit to the maze. Upon exiting the maze, the player will be required to shout “I have survived Leysprings Premier Cavern Crawler Event” and to reveal to the guide the item obtained in the keep to qualify for 1st prize. The first player to do so will receive first prize. The 2nd and 3rd fastest players will receive a secondary prize as well. Prize support is still be finalized, stay tuned for more details.

Fun Run: (No registration period, to being at approximately 8:30 PM MST) Players wishing to explore the depths of Sir Kane’s Keep at their leisure will have the opportunity to explore the maze on their own. The entrance will be sealed upon entry and if they cannot make their way out, they can utilize evac to safety to exit when they so desire.

RSVP's are requested but not required. We would like to have a gauge of how many people will be attending to ensure smooth registration and event hosting. You can RSVP by replying to this post or by in game mail to the event coordinator Guroff.

We look forward to seeing you there, the event may be lived streamed by the Leyspring Communities, details to follow.


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PostSubject: Re: Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep   Thu May 22, 2014 3:55 am

Dear Sir or Madam,

You are cordially invited to attend the dinner extravaganza and exciting after hours sortie of Sir Corwin of Salmences, nephew to Sir Kane Malmatic, Lord of Salmences, this 23rd of May at promptly 8:00PM sharp Mountain Standard Time. For those wishing to participate in the festivities of the timed run or treasure hunt, you are formally requested to arrive at 7:30 PM for instructions on how you will proceed in the after hours adventure. Sir Kane’s Keep is located on the Adventure Server, Levee Island. All are welcome, you may plan to arrive via carriage, plan on trekking Northwest of the main Spire to you see the keep in the distance. Alternatively you may hire your local wizard to conjure you directly to the claim for the nights festivities. Bring your wit, your cunning, and you bravery for those who wish to enter Sir Kane’s Dungeon do so at their own risk.

Sir Corwin of Salmences
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PostSubject: Re: Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep   Sat May 24, 2014 3:13 pm

Many knights entered the keep, were given the grand tour and feasted on a fine dinner presented by Sir Corwin and his servants. After dinner, those brave enough were led down the steps of the tower were Sir Kane's Dungeon was revealed. Sir Corwin bid his guests good luck and then proceeded to seal the entrance, ensuring anyone who had a change of heart was properly encouraged to continue forward.

The Knights rushed forward, some with eager anticipation of finding untold riches, others fueled by excitement and adrenalin. Many knights met there doom at the start, falling helplessly into a chasm filled with spikes at the bottom, their bodies impaled upon the metal and crushed upon one another as more fell from above. The survivors continued on deeper, with a few more succumbing each hour to the dangers of the dungeon or going insane by chaotic nature of the labyrinth.

Days went by without a word from any of the knights who entered the keep, the local villagers soon became restless and went home to return to their families believing that all who had entered had perished. All but one of the villages that is, a small boy who kept vigilant watch on the keep, his faith holding out that someone would emerge victorious. Just when the had almost given up hope, out of the corner of his eye he saw movement from the graveyard of the old church. Moving closer, he became frightened as a hand emerged from the ground. Fearing the rising of the dead, the boy stepped back but his fear held in place as he watched in terror as the arm soon gave way to a head and upper torso. This dirt covered body looked around, met the gaze of the boy, opened its mouth and spoke, "Water....... do you have any water?" The boy realized it was one of the knights at last and rushed to the nearby stream to collect some water to aid the knight in his quest. Upon returning, the knight had finished digging himself free but lay exhausted among the graves. Upon returning, the knight took the water, it reviving him tremendously. He then asked the boy, "How many others have you seen emerge?" The boy sadly responded, "You Sir, are the first and based upon how long it has been, I believe may be the only one. What is your name?"

The Knight looked back upon the boy and responded, "I am Sir Tracer of Landmark.... please spread the word and ensure the tales of my daring deeds live on!"

Many thanks to all those who participated, helped put this together and donated their time and effort to make this a huge success for a premier event.

Special Thanks goes out to:

Zotz: Dungeon Architect who helped me design and build the last 2 levels of the dungeon, I couldn't have done it without you!

Noodlecat: For Streaming the event and helping drum up support and getting us featured on Landmark Live! Thank you very much for the time and energy.

Lylah: Providing insight towards our Sign and helping with last minute touches.

Leyspring: For assisting and providing feedback prior to the event and helping marketing the event to make it the success it was!

Pentapod: For stopping by the streaming event and hanging out with us! Its great to see a strong Dev community!

Leyspring Cavern Crawlers looks forward to hosting future and more exciting community events going forward, if you have any interest in participating, don't hesitate to message me or anyone of the Leyspring community!

Master Architect and Event Coordinator
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PostSubject: Re: Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep   

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Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep
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